February 19, 2023

Whether you’re a content creator or work for a business, TikTok can help tremendously with building your audience. As a creator, I notice a huge difference when I incorporate trending TikTok sounds. Let’s talk about the purpose behind incorporating trending sounds in your uploads. I made a list of the five biggest reasons on why you should use them!

1. Get discovered

Viral TikTok sounds are easily searchable. They can also make an elusive topic become more relevant. When a TikTok user hears a sound they like, they can click on the audio banner and find other TikToks that used the same sound.

2. Boost engagement

Once I started using trending sounds on the TikToks I uploaded, it opened up a whole new world. Not only was I getting more engagement from my followers, but I also started attracting users in the sign language community that wanted to learn the signs I did! Your video could show up on the For You Page of users that are interested in your niche.

3. Make it entertaining

As a TikTok user, it is so fun for me to see brands that have a sense of humor! A great example of this is showcased on the TikTok account of Moe’s Southwest Grill. They stay on top of funny sounds to make their content more relatable.


it’s feelin like a moe’s weekend idk

♬ original sound – Vinny and Moe

4. Match the mood

This is especially true for trending TikTok music. When you are posting content, it is super important to choose music that matches your post’s vibe. Choose an upbeat song when it’s appropriate. As I write this blog post, the #2 trending song is Love You So by The King Khan & BBQ Show. It would be perfect for a post that shows a blooper compilation, an unboxing, or anything exciting.

5. Find professional sounds

Something to note is that business accounts have a different commercial library to pick sounds from. They’re still bops though! You’ll see a different selection, but there is no shortage of great options.

As you can see, trending sounds make a huge difference for your brand. Now it’s time to take action! Open the TikTok app, browse the sounds, and use the ribbon icon to save your favorites. When in doubt, have fun with it! Happy posting!